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Office Releases

The following documents are provided for your information and assistance in your legal matters

s32 Vendor’s Statement

There have been updates in the law regarding disclosure requirements when selling real property. Read more

The perils of self representation in family court

Often clients represent themselves in the Family Court without assistance from a lawyer and by this time, the damage may be done. Read more

Before you sign a franchise agreement

Receiving advise from a lawyer with a background in franchising is essential. Read more

How to get legal help for a victim of family violence?

An intervention order is an order of the Court to protect the safety of a family member that has been a victim of family violence, to protect a child or to protect property.

A victim of family violence may be able to obtain an intervention order in the Magistrates Court. Read more

Debt recovery

Maintaining cash flow is essential to any business. Writing off debts may not be the best approach to take as it may make your business appear to be an easy target.

RRR Lawyers can handle your debt recovery matters so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Our aim is not to push clients to Court but to engage with our clients beforehand to advise them on some of the steps they can take to strengthen their processes for a better debt collection system within their organisation. Read more

A Will To Protect Your Children

Many migrants do not have relatives in this country beyond their immediate family unit. For parents this can be the source of some genuine concern as they worry about the well being of their children and other loved ones in case of their own premature death. We put these questions to practising solicitor, Prakash Raniga. Read more

Contracts: The basis of Business

In this issue, we wish to introduce and outline an area of law of fundamental importance to all persons involved in business. This is the lease of commercial premises. With the substantial increase in the number of Indians now living in Australia and our increasing contribution to the commercial, professional and academic spheres of this community, we are all affected by and therefore should be aware of the principles of contract law. Read more

Conveyancing: Purchasing property

It is often stated that the purchase of a house is the largest investment most people will make in their life time. There is fortunately a large body of both statute and case law to assist purchasers of real estate to ensure that a good title is obtained and the real estate can be used for the purposes for which it is purchased. Obviously to obtain the protection of the relevant law purchasers need to be aware of it and utilise it. Read more

Law and You : Marriage and Divorce

In one famous case, marriage is described as “the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others voluntarily entered into for life”. In a traditional Indian setting, it may be accurate to say that most of the marriages are arranged. Obviously when a marriage between a young bride and a groom is arranged by their respective families, there is sometimes a debate as to whether the marriage was voluntarily entered between parties. It has been said that the Indian man generally does not marry a girl he loves, but he loves the person he marries. Read more

RRR Lawyers Test Cases

A Sample History of Test Cases Prakash Raniga has acted in in various courts. Read more

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