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If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you will require expert legal advice and the best representation available. RRR Lawyers has a team of criminal defence lawyers who have many years of experience, extensive knowledge of criminal law, and a passion for justice. You can rely on our criminal lawyers in Melbourne to fight to deliver a successful outcome for your case.


The Police want to interview you in relation to an offence. Do I need to speak to them? Can they fingerprint me or search my home? What are my rights and what should I do?

Whether you have been charged with a minor traffic offence and are concerned about losing your licence or whether you have been charged with a serious indictable offence, RRR Lawyers’ criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne practise in all types of criminal law matters and can offer advice, guidance and representation with what can be life changing issues.

Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer

The outcome of a criminal trial will have a substantial impact on the lives of the defendant and their family and friends. Not only is the defendant’s reputation, livelihood and career at risk, but they may be sentenced to years of imprisonment if they don’t have the expertise of a criminal defence lawyer to help them through their ordeal.

Most clients are understandably very anxious, nervous and overwhelmed by the possibility of being charged for a criminal offence and not having the knowledge to deal with the matter themselves. It can take months, sometimes years, for a criminal case to conclude.

RRR Lawyers has the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne to take on your case. We make sure that every client we represent understands where they stand and what to expect during the trial, helping to make the whole process easier.

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If you have been charged with any type of criminal offence, contact our criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne on (03) 9387 2424. We will work hard to provide the legal advice you need and achieve the best results possible.

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