Legal Aid

Should you not be able to fund your matter privately, assistance in some circumstances can be provided by Victoria Legal Aid.

In order to be eligible for Legal Aid assistance in the Federal Circuit Court for a family law matter, the matter in dispute must be a priority matter, have merit, and must pass the means test. You must also be considered a ‘priority client’.

A priority matter is a matter which is considered as urgent by the Court, such as a child being in imminent danger or at risk of being removed from the state/country.

A priority client is defined as one who suffers from a disability, a diagnosed psychiatric or psychological illness, cultural and/or language barriers, literacy barriers, drug and/or alcohol issues.

You will also likely be eligible for legal aid if you are currently homeless, or if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

You may be eligible if you have experienced or are at risk of experiencing family violence.

To be eligible for Legal Aid assistance in the Family Court, you must have completed, or attempted to complete, a mediation with legal aid’s Family Dispute Resolution Services (‘FDRS’).

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