RRR Lawyers have acted for us on many and complex commercial litigation matters with 100% success rate in favour of our company…….

I have worked with Prakash and RRR Lawyers for over 30 years whilst employed with one of the major Wharf carriers operating on the Melbourne water front. This Australian Company was founded in 1950, well established and operating as one the most successful and reliable service providers to the import & export business community.

Early last October 2017 we called upon Prakash Raniga to act for us on a claim against the company from the Customs and ATO on a third-party public liability claim rolled over to us. It was a complex Customs related claim of $456,000. Prakash took over the case, prepared all briefs, conducted relevant negotiations with the Customs/ATO and the Police. We then submitted a claim to our insurers under the two policies Directors & Officers coverage in force.

First, our insurance brokers panel of lawyers carefully studied the claim papers and advised us there was no chance of our claim being admitted, stating previous judgements for similar cases in the Supreme Court. But Prakash refused to accept these findings and vigorously continued with our claim with the underwriters. The relevant panel of top end expert lawyers acting for the underwriters examined the claim and the brief presented by Prakash thoroughly and gave the verdict there was no obligation under the policies to admit the claim. Prakash then sought the advice of well-known Barrister in town very experienced in Customs related case, and jointly responded to the underwriters’ rejection on all points adduced. The end result was, the underwriters was forced to accept our claim for $456,000 plus all legal costa amounting to $15,000 paid to us on the 10th of August, 2018 This was indeed a great victory for the company and saved us this huge impost.

Prakash is indeed a very experienced lawyer & barrister on all commercial litigations particularly Customs and ATO matters. His success rate for our company over the years have been 100% We highly recommend his services. I am more than happy to speak on his behalf anytime

Sam Rajendran

I highly recommend RRR Lawyers to anyone who is going through the process of divorce……

“I contacted RRR Lawyers for assistance with a divorce that was established overseas. Having never gone through the process of divorce, much less in another country, I was obviously clueless and full of stress.

Nicholas reached out to me immediately and took a few moments to set me at ease and explain what the process looks like. I had spoken with other attorneys but no one actually took a few moments to paint a picture of what things might look like, they simply said to come to the office and we could discuss the details.

Simply put, there were zero spanners and everything worked out exactly as Nicholas had described, timelines included. There was never a point of miscommunication, lack of responsiveness, or any more anxiety. And his knowledge of the process of ending an international marriage was paramount.

I highly recommend RRR Lawyers (namely Nicholas) to anyone who is going through the process of divorce, and can extrapolate from my experience that they would be well-suited to handle any other legal needs you may have that fall within the scope of the firm’s practice.

Thanks to Nicholas and the team. “

J Dowd Family Law – 13th September 2017

I’m very pleased to recommend Rajvee and her colleagues to anyone seeking a conveyancing service……

“Rajvee Kapadia recently managed the conveyancing for the sale of my house in a very professional, efficient manner. From the time of my initial inquiry through to the settlement, Rajvee maintained regular communication with me, responded to my questions quickly and ensured that we reached settlement day without any hiccups at all. On my visits to the office, Rajvee’s colleagues were all very pleasant and helpful as well. I’m very pleased to recommend Rajvee and her colleagues to anyone seeking a conveyancing service.”

Leigh Conveyancing Law – 6th May 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Nicholas and RRR Lawyers. I have never known another lawyer more prepared or focused……

“I had the pleasure of working with Nicholas and RRR Lawyers. I have never known another lawyer more prepared or focused. Dealing with him from out of country was very convenient. Nothing seems to rattle this guy or distract him from his goal on a case, which of course, makes him extremely tough to beat. He is one of the most ethical lawyers I have ever know. I would truly recommend him to any potential clients looking for a hardworking and honest lawyer. I would trust my own case to Nicholas and would suggest him without any reservation.”

A. Singh Family Law – 5th April 2017

Rajvee exceeded our expectations and was very friendly and knowledgeable throughout the process…..

“Dear RRR Lawyers

I just wanted to write through with some positive feedback.
My partner and I engaged Rajvee to manage the conveyancing for our first home. Rajvee exceeded our expectations and was very friendly and knowledgeable throughout the process. Settlement happened on time and without any issues.”

Tim Conveyancing Law – 21st March 2017

…Everything was done well in advance so as to ease my anxiety and avoid delays…

“I was fortunate and blessed to have Rajvee Kapadia, one of the Lawyers at RRR Lawyers, handle my purchase of property.

Rajvee was more than professional, she went beyond her duties, and she explained all the legal jargon related to this transaction. She made me feel relaxed, reassured me not to be anxious, and promised all will be taken care of, and it was.

In addition, Rajvee kept me informed of every detail, and this led to a perfect settlement. She never hesitated to take my calls and was always very helpful and polite. In addition, everything was done well in advance so as to ease my anxiety and avoid delays.

I would like to thank RRR Lawyers for having an employee like Rajvee. In my opinion, Rajvee is a major asset to the firm!

I will surely recommend Rajvee to my many friends.

Thank you Rajvee, You have a brilliant future ahead of you, seize it and run with it. This is my prayer for you.”

Elizabeth Fernandez Property Law – 28th November 2016

…I thank both Mr Raniga and Mr Ryan for their outstanding work on my case…

Hi Josh and Mr Raniga,
Words cannot express the professionalism you and your firm provided to me in my time of need. I thank both Mr Raniga and Mr Ryan for their outstanding work on my case. When I came to RRR Lawyers I was in a desperate condition, with no other lawyers willing to take my case on a Legal Aid funded basis. You both were very kind, understanding and very helpful. The work you have done, both in assisting me to obtain legal aid and the way the case was prepared and run was excellent. The successful results have been beyond my expectations. I will gladly recommend your services when and where applicable and of course, I will carry your business card in my purse.

Again, thank you for all you do and my best wishes to you and yours.
Wish you a very Happy Christmas and New year.”

Sujana Javvadi Family Law Matter – 5th November 2016

“…Mr. Raniga and Josh did a great job. Their service was excellent…”

Mr. Raniga and Josh did a great job. Their service was excellent.They resolved my case efficiently, in the time-frame they stated, and the cost they quoted. Thanks Prakash and Josh for a brilliant service. I would highly recommend RRR Lawyers without any doubts.

Manisha Walia Family Law Matter involving custody – 23 October 2016

“…Exemplary service and genuine care and commitment …”

Exemplary service and genuine care and commitment from Josh Ryan from RRR Lawyers. Their knowledge and experience would be second to none. I highly recommend their Services and I could not be more pleased. The outcome was more than i ever dared to dream possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Alexandros Kostoglou Family Law Matter – 13 October 2016

“…settle the dispute quickly and with a favorable outcome.”
Rajvee assisted us with the resolution of a property dispute. Dealing with her was very easy. She was knowledgeable, responsive, and explained our situation and options plainly. Thanks to her advice we were able to settle the dispute quickly and with a favorable outcome. We highly recommend her!

Jonathan Property Dispute – 12 October 2016

“…seamless process…brilliant service.”
Rajvee did an excellent job at making all the legalities in relation to purchasing a property a seamless process for me. She took all the effort and stress out of it and kept me well informed throughout the process. Thank you Rajvee for the brilliant service. I’ll be sure to use RRR again when buying my next property.

Randy Ganesh Property Purchase – 15 February 2016

“…my case was solved quickly and efficiently.”
“The team at RRR Lawyers provide the highest standard in legal services to the community. Decades of expert legal knowledge was backed up by friendly and helpful staff who ensured my case was solved quickly and efficiently.”

Jack Pascoe Civil dispute – 18 January 2016

“…they put my concerns at ease with a great balance of care, pragmatism and professional manner.”

“From my experience, I would highly recommend RRR lawyers. They are a well balanced team of both youthful energy and seasoned experience. They were straightforward about expenses and expectations as they worked efficiently but with attention to important details. When coming to one of the more difficult parts of my life they put my concerns at ease with a great balance of care, pragmatism and professional manner. I felt very relieved after even the first meeting. They offered continued support, updated developments and extended themselves as much as was needed. I only regret not coming to see them sooner.”

Travis Vella Family Law, Children’s issues – 14 January 2016

“…Prakash is brilliant at what he does…”
Prakash is brilliant at what he does. With 30 years experience, he has the knowledge and skills to assist. I had a personal challenge and could have lost money for no valid reason. He did what was needed to protect my rights and I can now get back on track and focus fully on my life and work. He also has a friendly and happy team which was a huge bonus.

Jas Property Settlement – 9 November 2015

“…effectively resolved many complex issues in a most cost-effective and productive manner…”

“…professional, prompt, efficient and friendly…”
My previous lawyers found my case was too complicated for them and directed me to Mr Prakash Raniga (RRR Lawyers). My case was too complicated and a real mess. I was suffering depression due to my separation, however, after I met Prakash Raniga and Josh Ryan their approach to my case with a smile on their faces filled me with confidence.

I explained my situation and full story to them, and Prakash and Josh patiently listened and helped me to resolve the issues in a structured manner. It was in this way that they effectively resolved this complex issue in a most cost-effective and productive manner, resolving the matter in 3 weeks. A special thanks to them.

I have found Prakash and Josh to be timely and diligent and I would recommend RRR Lawyers to anyone seeking an efficient law firm. I have no words to express the character of Prakash as a lawyer; he acted akin to a friend to me and consoled through the difficult path of my separation. Prior to my coming to RRR Lawyers, my case was in the Federal Circuit Court 8 months without result. RRR Lawyers resolved my case within 3 weeks, relieving me from the burdens of my stress.

All I can say is Prakash and Josh are great people to meet.

Thanks and regards,

David Philip Family Law property settlement – 16 September 2015

“…RRR Lawyers were confident, knew what they were doing and they were honest and true to their word…”
My husband and I received news today that our cheque has cleared and we can pick it up from RRR Lawyers on Monday. The news is fantastic, especially being so close to Christmas.

About two years ago my husband and I purchased what we believed to be a house that we were going to make into our home, with our new born daughter. Financially our dreams were crushed when we found out we had been sold an unsafe and illegally built property!

We approached a few lawyers who refused our case or whose fees were unaffordable but RRR Lawyers believed in us from the start, stood by us and won the case for us.

RRR Lawyers were confident, knew what they were doing and they were honest and true to their word. We would highly recommend them to anyone, as awesome lawyers that will do their absolute best for you.

Thanks again RRR Lawyers! The stressful wait is now over and we are now able to pay our lawyers fees and our other debts and we still have money left over to fix our property and buy our daughter some Christmas presents!

Merry Christmas to Prakash and the rest of the RRR Lawyer team!

Bonnie litigation matter involving property

“…dealt with a very delicate matter with the utmost care and compassion…”
“My family and I have had the pleasure of dealing with RRR Lawyers this past six (6) months. Due to our circumstances we required a firm that would look after our family matter with the utmost care and professionalism. I can only say that Prakash and his firm at RRR Lawyers have done nothing more than exceed our expectations. They have dealt with a very delicate matter with the utmost care and compasion while doing everthing within their power to see that everything was done to expediate our proceedings. As with Family Court matters they can take a lot of time to be finalised, but Prakash and the fellow members of RRR Lawyers have gone out of their way to make this process as fast as possible. They have always been available even at short notice.

I cannot praise them enough and are more then willing to recommend them.”

Leonie Jaqui and Stephen

“…a 100% success rate…”
“Prakash has been representing me in matters commercial for some 15 to 20 years, such as disputes, bad debts, I.R. matters. Having achieved a 100% success rate. RRR lawyers have been representing my family in private matters for over 30 years, in fact they have assisted in the purchase of all of our properties over this time. I have found Prakash and his staff to be very professional in all matters especially in looking after our best interest. RRR lawyers have cultivated a business relationship that gives me the comfort of a support network that I can rely upon for many years to come.”

Joe Iacono Director Ibla Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Design Sense of Bancell St, Campbellfield

“…the end result was beyond my expectations…”
“What was a daunting experience was soon appeased by Prakash who was nothing short of professional, knowledgeable and obviously very experienced. He listened, offered sound advice and provided me with several options and solutions to my situation. I was kept well informed throughout my case and the end result was beyond my expectations, so I would highly recommend anyone to RRR. You will not be disappointed!!”

Lea Rajendran (family law client involving property settlement)

“…professional, fair legal advice…”
“Having just experienced the difficulties that come with a relationship/property settlement, I can highly recommend Prakash Raniga from RRR Lawyers for anyone looking for a professional, fair legal advice. Prakash and his staff communicated all aspects of my settlement in a clear timely way and I am very happy with the result achieved.”

Lee Mitchell (defacto settlement involving property)

“…experience in commercial and litigation matters is solid…”
“This is to certify that Mr Prakash Raniga from Rossi, Ryan and Raniga Lawyers, has been our solicitors for the last 25 years or more, on various legal matters affecting our Company. During this period, he has handled our complex legal issues and litigations in a most cost effective manner with good outcomes for the benefit of the Company. His experience in commercial and litigation matters is solid. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone seeking legal assistance.”

Sam Rajendran Administration Manager of Coynes Transport of Hyde St, Yarraville

“…Your greatest efforts have helped me getting my son back into my life…”
“I wish to thank you for your hard efforts and your willingness to help during my difficult time. A huge thank you to your team whom I kept bugging non- stop. Your greatest efforts have helped me getting my son back into my life for which I don’t have words to express how happy I’m now. Thank you once again.”

Regards Gurmohan Singh family law client involving child custody

“…extremely passionate about assisting you in gaining the best possible outcome…’
I am very happy to recommend RRR Lawyers to anyone and everyone who is in need of a highly skilled firm that is professional, reliable, affordable and most importantly for us extremely passionate about assisting you in gaining the best possible outcome for you from your legal situation.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, because had they not taken on our case with the passion and dedication as they did; the result would most likely be devastating for my partner and his young child.

Kylie family law client involving child custody

“…professional, prompt, efficient and friendly…”
The service RRR Lawyers has provided me has been professional, prompt, efficient and friendly. RRR Lawyers kept me informed of every step, and legal proceedings were explained. Due to this I felt in control and I was provided with options for future direction, which allowed me to make an informed decision. RRR Lawyers has worked in a proactive and courteous manner, I highly recommend this service to those who require timely and professional legal assistance.

Carmel debt recovery matter

“…professionally helped and guided through the whole process…”

“a few months ago i found myself in a situation nobody wants to experience.

a very complex family law matter involving seperated parents from different herritages and countries of residence, suddenly fighting over the care of their only child. it was a very fearful situation for me. with rrr lawyers by my side i felt professionally helped and guided through the whole process which was then obviously all brand new to me. prakash and his team helped me with coming to the point and finding the right wording, very important in my case as my herritage is german and english only my second language.

during the process i felt well looked after, which was priceless during those mentaly very testing times.

with the professional help of your team prakash, my expartner and i even managed to come to an agreement outside of court, which i am sure of- we never would have been able to manage by ourselves.

thank you very much