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Looking for professional services for commercial litigation or Business Lawyer in Northcote? RRR Lawyers is a prominent law firm in North Carlton, serving clients in Northcote and surrounding suburbs.

We have a dedicated team of lawyers who will stand by your side and guide you at every legal step.

We Resolve Disputes Faster and With Ease

Our legal team provides personal, responsive support in a transparent and a solution-focused way. We always aim for a settlement first rather than litigation. Though, we also understand that certain cases do need court intervention. In such cases, we represent you throughout the legal process and contest until you get a satisfactory judgement.

Our legal service is not just limited to prenup and commercial litigation. We have an extensive team of lawyers who can represent you for any business, family or criminal cases.

Business Lawyers Northcote

Our expert team of business lawyers offers a complete range of business advisory services in Northcote and surrounding suburbs. Be it tax advice, account auditing, business acquisition and merger or sale of a business – we have you covered. When your business faces an issue that is complex in nature – formation, contract drafting and liability issues, we are sure to provide you with a solution that is favourable for your business.

Also, if you are facing a Commercial Litigation and need a legal assistance, our team can find a way out by working under the Commercial Litigation of Northcote.

Criminal Lawyers Northcote

We take pride in our efficient team of criminal lawyers in Fitzroy, Preston, and so on along with Northcote, who provide insightful, honest and strategic advice while handling criminal cases in Northcote. As we practice in all facets of criminal law, we have the knowledge and expertise in dealing with areas like a drink and drug driving offence, assault, fraud, theft and sexual offence. Whether you are seeking an Intervention order or want to defend an Intervention – our criminal lawyers can represent you in all country courts.

Family Lawyers Northcote

Whether it is a cordial divorce, a disagreement on child custody or a complex property dispute, our team of divorce and family lawyers will provide you with the most trusted advice throughout the legal process in Northcote. With over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise to handle all your family issues in a compassionate way. You can have peace of mind that your legal issues will be resolved with ease and the verdict will leave you and your family with the best possible outcome.

Don’t Delay Your Legal Case Any Further!

We would love to help you with your court case or any legal challenges. Get in touch with our lawyers without any further delay. Call us on (03) 93872424. Get the right legal assistance at most the reasonable price.

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