RRR Lawyers is a reputed law firm in Melbourne, which prides itself on providing excellent quality legal services to our esteemed clients.

Reliable And Dedicated Divorce Lawyers

Our team of divorce lawyers caters to people living in Fitzroy. Contacting professional divorce lawyers is best when it comes to dealing with cases related to child custody, matrimonial cases, alimony, mutual divorce or contested divorce proceedings. Our reputed divorce lawyers are extremely beneficial for solving marriage issues, including filing a mutual divorce petition, contested divorce, domestic violence, alimony, harassment, interim maintenance, women cell complaints or any other related matter. If you live in Fitzroy and looking for divorce lawyers – don’t look any further. Get in touch with us!

Family Lawyers Offering Services In Fitzroy

We are a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia and we constantly keep ourselves updated with the changes to the Family Law Act. Our well-trained family lawyers can deal with any family-related legal cases in all major suburbs, including Fitzroy. We specialise in paternity, adoption, and emancipation cases along with divorce, child custody and other family-related matters. We pride in offering practical solutions for all your legal concerns.

Reliable Criminal Lawyers For Fitzroy Clients

If you are facing a proceeding in a criminal case, then our reputed criminal lawyers can be very helpful. Our criminal lawyers have a great reputation and we have clients from Fitzroy and nearby suburbs. Our criminal lawyers provide legal advice in matters related to assault, theft and other criminal offences. There can be arrangements for bail appeal in case of conviction that’s why we have Didn’t Do It Bail Bonds Tucson. If you are a victim, then we can help you prove your innocence in a case.

Construction Lawyers Serving Clients In Fitzroy

Our team of construction lawyers have clients in Fitzroy and are very well equipped to handle construction related offences and issues in Melbourne. Our clients include members of the construction, municipal, engineering, development, government agencies, statuary authorities, head contractors, subcontractors and principals. Our construction lawyers provide the right guidance from project planning, contract development to maintenance, project completion and management.

Experienced Commercial Lawyers For Fitzroy Clients

We have a team of commercial lawyers offering legal advice to companies and governments on matters related to business functions. Our commercial lawyers have clients in Fitzroy and all major suburbs of Melbourne. We look at all kinds of business issues, including corporate, finance, and dispute resolution. A significant part of our commercial lawyers includes advising clients and dealing with business-related legal issues. We can also offer legal aid for commercial litigation and conveyancing in Fitzroy.

We have a team of professional conveyancers skilled in providing conveyancing services in Carlton, Northcote, Coburg, Brunswick, Preston, and so on along with Fitzroy. At RRR Lawyers, you receive:

1. An eye to details from the conveyancer to ensure your interests and privacy are not disclosed

2. An extremely friendly service at an affordable price to suit your budget

3. Answer to each and every question you have during the process by our responsive and attentive team of legal experts.

Best Legal Advice by Experienced Property Lawyers

Our Property lawyers handle matters related to various forms of ownership and tenancy in an utmost precise manner. Owners have certain property rights, which they need to protect. Disputes related to the ownership of a property can be solved effectively by our property lawyers. We have a successful client base and our property lawyers are known in Fitzroy and all major suburbs of Melbourne. Our team is proficient and well-versed with building dispute law of Fitzroy and other suburbs.

Debt Recovery Lawyers for Your Debt Issues

We have a team of excellent debt recovery lawyers serving clients in Fitzroy and nearby suburbs. Sometimes we lend money to people in good faith. If the debt remains unpaid, RRR Lawyers have the ability to issue legal proceedings and proceed unremittingly. Our debt recovery lawyers have served people in Fitzroy and can help you recover lost money by sending a legal notice, filling a debt recovery suit or providing a summary suit.

Experienced Business Lawyers Serving In Fitzroy

As respected business lawyers in Carlton, with a huge client base in Fitzroy, we take pride in assisting our clients in almost every aspect of a business, from basic zoning compliance, copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation, lawsuits and liability. The cases we solve as business lawyers include contracts, business set up, real estate, taxes, licences and intellectual property.

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