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We understand that practising law is not just limited to knowing the law, but it is also about having people who are able to work with others to achieve the best outcome. We take pride in having a team that can deliver best legal guidance for any type of the disputes.

From small debt recovery matters to complex commercial and family disputes, our team of Indian Lawyers in Melbourne – RRR Lawyers team is skilled in providing favourable and cost-effective legal solutions with as little disruption as possible.

We look forward to assisting you with sound legal advice that helps you resolve disputes outside the court itself. We understand that your priorities vary widely depending on the nature of the issue and hence work out the personalized strategies respectively to ensure you with the dispute resolution at its earliest.

No matter how big or small an issue is, our experienced team at RRR lawyers approaches each matter with the same level of attention, diligence and sense of urgency. Our team has the expertise to solve all types of dispute resolution, including negotiation, conciliation, mediation and litigation.

What Legal Assistance Do We Offer?

Our team of Indian lawyers in Melbourne provide you with a wide range of legal assistance. You can opt for our any of the below services depending on your needs:

Family Law
Are you facing any legal issue with your family? It may be anything from pre-marital advice and agreements for property to custody and counselling matters. We know the importance of having a family; hence, we make sure to provide you with the legal guidance that leads you to resolve the dispute outside the court itself.

Criminal Law
Have you been charged with any minor offence or a serious crime and need a strong legal assistance for the same? Our team of Indian lawyers in Melbourne can be your rescue as we have an experience of handling all types of criminal law matters by offering guidance to prove you innocent against your criminal charges.

Building and Construction Law
RRR lawyers can be your perfect legal partner in case of building and construction issues. There is no surprise that a builder or the construction business as a whole has to face many legal issues. We can assist you in planning matters, construction disputes and any other issue related to the building and construction.

Debt Recovery
The debt recovery process can be stressful if done on a personal level. Taking our assistance will ensure you with maintaining your cash flow and strengthening your process of a systematic debt collection system.

Wills & Estates
Writing a will is definitely a wise decision which you should seriously consider if you haven’t done it yet. We, at RRR lawyers, can provide you with the accurate advice regarding wills as well as the power of attorney, once we know everything about you and your family. We make sure to assist you in drafting a will that is favourable to every member of your family.

Conveyancing and Property Law
Buying or selling a property involves many unknown risks. Hence, if you are looking forward to the same, it is advisable to get our legal assistance that will guide you with the entire process smoothly and also safeguards you with the potential l or unknown risks coming your way.

Employment and Workplace Relations Law
The employees have certain rights which, when not exercised can take legal actions against the organization. We have accumulated a good amount of experience in Employment Law and have acted on behalf of both, employees and employers, giving them required legal assistance.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
With a strong litigation background, our team of lawyers can provide advice and legal representation to the court if you find yourself in a situation when you need to take legal action for protecting your rights or when someone has taken some action against you.

Legal Aid
If you are not able to fund your matter privately, you can get the assistance by Victoria Legal Aid under certain conditions. For this, you need to be aware of the legalities and applicable rules involved with the legal aid assistance. With us, you can experience a smooth process as soon as you are considered as a ‘priority client’.

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