Litigation & Dispute Resolution

In today’s globalisation climate, shrewd business planning has never been more important. With RRR (Rossi, Ryan, & Raniga) Lawyers, you’ll have access to the best small business advice available, allowing you to get on with watching your business grow.

RRR (Rossi, Ryan, & Raniga) Lawyers is a specialist in litigation and debt recovery and Overseas Transactions. Prakash Raniga has a strong litigation background. Practising in most courts and tribunals, we can provide advice and legal representation with court cases should you find yourself in a situation where someone has taken some action against you or where you need to take legal action to protect your own rights.

Contract Law

RRR (Rossi, Ryan, & Raniga) Lawyers are heavily involved in all types of agreements, whether it be negotiating and drafting agreements to suit particular transactions or business arrangements, advising on breaches and legal enforcements of contracts.

Business Law

RRR (Rossi, Ryan, & Raniga) Lawyers can assist you with an extensive range of matters related to business activities, which include lease work, buying or selling a business, joint ventures, partnership arrangements and trust matters. RRR (Rossi, Ryan, & Raniga) Lawyers offer advice and help when setting up a business to help you avoid those pitfalls and to put in place the best possible legal structures to assist and protect you. We can help you if you are having problems with Creditors/Debtors and also look at other problems you may be experiencing.

Company, Insolvency and Bankruptcy

RRR (Rossi, Ryan, & Raniga) Lawyers consistently acts for both Creditors and Debtors in both personal bankruptcy and company insolvency matters as well as being involved in a range of company matters and rendering advice regarding Director’s liability and other issues, we can assist in all aspects.

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