Reliable Legal Advisors For Preston Clients

At RRR Lawyers, we understand that everyone has a legal dispute wants it to be resolved quickly. Thus, we have been assisting the legal needs of businesses and protecting the rights of individuals living in Preston.

Having 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing personalised legal service to Australian businesses, foreign-owned companies and private clients. Our service is based on an understanding of our client’s legal needs in the context of their business goals.

Being progressive Melbourne law firm, we offer quality legal services to our clients living in and around Preston. Hence, if you stay in Preston and need any legal advice related to your business, property or family, we can certainly help you.

RRR Lawyers Can Assist You with the Following Matters:

  • Our Construction Lawyers Resolve Any Building Or Legal Construction problems 

If you are working in the construction industry and facing a number of regulations and legal issues, then at RRR lawyers we can provide you with effective legal services. Being renowned construction lawyers and offering services in Preston and other major suburbs, we are dedicated to offering legal advice for a wide range of building and contractual issues.

  • Lawyers For Commercial & Business Matters

Whether you require business or commercial legal advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch. As renowned commercial lawyers and a client base spread all across Melbourne, we provide you with the legal advice on all kinds of commercial law issues. Our clients come to us from major suburbs like Preston to get the right advice from our commercial lawyers.

Also, for every legal issue for businesses related to taxation or business transactions, our business lawyers provide accurate legal solutions. We are also the most recommended name for commercial litigation and business lawyer in Preston.  We also provide the Prenup services in Coburg, Northcote, Thornbury, Brunswick,

  • Property Lawyers & Services

If you are looking to develop your own property, subdivide or consolidate land, then property lawyers are must for getting quick legal solutions. We have experienced property lawyers with clients in Preston and other major suburbs. Hence, if you are thinking of selling your property, then you can rely on us to handle all the legal work. If you are facing any Commercial Litigation and looking for help – trust our team for proficient knowledge of Commercial Litigation Law of Preston.

  • Divorce Lawyers 

If you are thinking of getting a divorce and searching for divorce lawyers in Melbourne, then RRR Lawyers are your ultimate choice. We have assisted people through legal difficulties of a broken marriage. Our divorce lawyers are renowned in all major suburbs, including Preston. Hence, regardless of any circumstances, we will guide you through every step of the way.

  • Family Lawyers & Law Specialists

Maintaining family relations are very important, so if there is a dispute it should be resolved as quickly as possible. With a client base in Preston and nearby suburbs, RRR Lawyers are reputed family lawyers, dedicated to resolving all kinds of family disputes.

If you are looking for family lawyers to resolve family breakdown issues, separation, divorce, child custody disputes and property settlement negotiations, then we are here to help you. From pre-marital advice, property agreements, custodial to counselling matters, we provide all.  The expert and practical legal advice from our specialist family lawyers are available in the following suburbs of Northcote, Preston, Thornbury, Carlton and so on.

  • Lawyers For Criminal Accusations

If you have any minor or indictable legal charges, then RRR Lawyers are capable of providing accurate legal advice and services. As renowned criminal lawyers, we provide quick and satisfying results for serious criminal matters.

  • Lawyers For Debt Recovery Issues

If your business is experiencing a client debt problem or customers who refuse to pay, then we can assist you. We area reputed name for debt recovery lawyers in Preston and other major suburbs of Melbourne. We can help you recover your debts from your customers in a sufficient amount of time.

Highly Qualified Lawyers in Melbourne

Are you an Indian living in Preston? Confused about legal laws and need someone to help? RRR Lawyers can help you with your legal issues. We are one of Melbourne’s renowned legal firms and we have highly qualified lawyers in our team.

We are passionate about delivering the best results for our clients. Providing comprehensive and timely legal advice with commitment, we ensure our clients get quick legal solutions in all areas of commercial law, business law or property law. Also, our lawyers have been catering to people living in and around Preston for the last many years. Our team of lawyers can speak and understand various languages.

In future, if you ever require any legal help, then contact us at (03) 93872424 and discuss your matter with Melbourne’s top legal lawyers.

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