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Introduction Mr. Prakash Raniga and his team have acted for numerous clients contracting to purchase businesses, and these businesses have ranged from restaurants, franchises including Spudbar, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, convenience stores, petrol stations, Tatts outlets, bakeries and other similar businesses. The initial contact for most of the interested purchasers is business brokers, and we […]

Dr Manjula O’Connor

We have been working closely with consultant psychiatrist Dr Manjula O’Connor over the last two years to provide family law legal services to women who have been the victims of domestic violence and are now suffering psychiatric illness as a result. The majority of cases we have worked on with Dr O’Connor relate to women […]

Protection from Domestic Violence

There has been an upswing in media reportage of domestic violence. With domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty as the 2015 Australian of the year, domestic violence has never been so topical or newsworthy. The media seems to mostly shine its light on the physical side of domestic violence – the murders, the beatings, the actions […]

The team at RRR Lawyers specialise in assisting those who are purchasing off the plan properties. Off the plan developments have become increasingly common in light of major land developments, and apartment building construction taking place in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding regions. The term “buying off the plan” usually refers to purchasing a property […]

You are required to enter into a major domestic building contract in Victoria, when the total cost is $5,000 or more and you carry out domestic building works which includes building; Repairs; Improvements; Maintenance; Demolition; and/or Removal. Before you sign a domestic building contract, there are a number of things that you should check. 1. […]

Things you need to know BEFORE the auction day Buying a property is perhaps one of the most important financial decisions of your life. It can often be an intimidating process, especially at auction where you are competing with other buyers and there is no cooling off period. If you a purchase a property privately, […]

Relationship difficulties and breakdowns are a sad reality of modern life. Difficulties can arise in any relationship – with your spouse or partner, your ex, adult children, a work colleague, even between flat mates. In today’s high pressure, fast-paced world, relationship difficulties or breakdowns can sometimes involve actual or threatened violence. At times of stress […]

FAQ on Estate Planning

While many people are unlikely to nominate estate planning aka “Thinking about what will happen to my assets when I die” as being on their “most wanted things to do” list in reality, this is something that should be on all our “must do” lists. Proactively planning for how you would like your assets distributed […]

Australia is a multi-cultural society, one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Australians also tend to be well-travelled. It is not surprising, therefore, that parents will want to take their children overseas. How does that work when those parents have separated? Functions of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service Unless the […]

Body art such as tattooing and piercing has enjoyed popularity over recent years. However, if you are thinking ink, you should perhaps think twice before spending your next week’s pay on a tattoo. It is possible that your new look may put your present or future job at risk. But in today’s society, is it […]